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Airstream stars alongside Holly and Phil on This Morning

Airstream stars alongside Holly and Phil on This Morning

Airstream stars alongside Holly and Phil on This Morning

‘Beautiful, beautiful’ were the words used by TV presenter Alice Beer as she introduced our Airstream to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on live TV.

Our iconic ‘Silver Bullet’ glimmered in the wintry sunshine as the feature was filmed on location for ITV’s This Morning on London’s Southbank.

The Airstream Yukon appeared alongside other leisure vehicles in a feature on the rise of caravanning in the UK.

“There’s a million caravans and motorhomes out there on the roads,” said Alice Beer. “It’s big; it’s not niche.”

But what did they think of Airstream?

Beautiful, beautiful design

“How about this beautiful, beautiful model?” asked Alice, as she introduced the Yukon and explained its “iconic American Silver Bullet design” to Holly and Phil.

Airstream gets its distinctive look from the way it is built. Sheets of aircraft-grade aluminium are hand-riveted from the inside. The doors and windows are custom built – the doors seal as tight as a bank vault. It’s a complete design classic.

Alice reflected on the design as she walked around the Airstream.

“It’s been in production since 1931,” she says. “It’s got 3,000 rivets – and it takes between three and four hundred man hours to make every one... and it’s got these beautiful wraparound panoramic windows front and back.”

We had to agree, the sun looked stunning bouncing off the tinted windows.

High spec interiors

Then the presenters stepped onto the Airstream to look around the interior. “This is beautiful,” said Holly. “This is very nice. It feels quite retro.”

“Inside, it’s got the most gorgeous high spec interiors,” Explained Alice. “Corian worktops – I’ve got these in my kitchen. This is very luxurious.”

Luxury is a really important word at Airstream.

Furniture and cabinetry is crafted by hand at our HQ in Jackson Center, Ohio. We use wooden dowels and solid wood assemblies that you would find in the production of high quality residential cabinets.

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