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Airstreamers toast new era at Autumn Rally

Airstreamers toast new era at Autumn Rally

Swift and the Airstream community kicked off their relationship in true ‘Live Riveted’ style at the first Airstream Autumn Rally as the icon of the great outdoors enters a new era in the UK.

The rally organised by Swift hailed the return of Airstream to British shores, and was held at the luxurious Love2Stay glamping site in lush countryside outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire. 

Swift is the exclusive UK distributor for Airstream – the 2018 European specification models are built by Airstream in the US and will be sold through six dealers from October. 

But as well as distributing new models, Swift is reaching out to the existing UK Airstream community to build lasting relationships with owners of both modern and vintage models. 

The Airstream Autumn Rally summed up this new philosophy. 

Airstreams both new and old

On site were 19 Airstreams spanning more than six decades and models both vintage and new. We welcomed, for example, a 1952, 13 panel original alongside a 2018 Colorado. We even had an Airstream motorhome join us for the weekend! 

Ben Parkin, Airstream UK Brand Manager, said it wouldn’t have been the same without the vintage trailers. 

“Airstream’s heritage is a story in itself, and the vintage trailers are woven into the fabric of that history. The eclectic mix of ‘Silver Bullets’ perfectly represented how the product has evolved over the years yet they were all clearly part of the same, beautifully riveted family.”

Travel writer and Airstream expert Andrew Ditton was among the rally-goers, and he hailed the “electric” and “positive” atmosphere about the future of Airstream in the UK. 

“In opening their arms to the UK Airstream community in its entirety, the folks at Swift succeeded in giving everyone the reassurance they needed that this is the beginning of a very exciting future for Airstream in the UK," he enthused.

Live Riveted to the max 

Live Riveted is the Airstream way of life. It’s all about the great outdoors and doing things differently, about adventure and discovery and taking the road less travelled. Andrew has taken the Live Riveted philosophy to the max.

He lives in his Airstream after taking the decision to sell his house, travel to Scotland and study Gaelic. He is well known on the UK Airstream scene, and has featured in the national press.

“Everyone who attended had a fantastic time at Love2Stay,” he explained.

“It was a terrific opportunity for the Live Riveted Community in the UK to get together and share laughs, stories, advice, good times, and their common love of everything Airstream.”

Ben Parkin summed up the event. 

“It was great to see so many Airstreams in one location,” he said.

“Airstreamers new and old chatted about the way of life and their experiences. And we at Swift made lots of new friends and picked up valuable information.”

What does ‘Live Riveted’ mean to Ben? There was a moment during the weekend that distilled the philosophy and also the next chapter in the story of Airstream in the UK. 

“Watching the sunset reflecting off the polished aluminium, really channelled the Live Riveted philosophy. It seemed like it was truly signalling a new dawn for Airstream in the UK,” Ben said with a wistful tone. 

And with a ‘natural’ swimming pool, a paddle boarding lake, and acres of lush countryside, the Love2Stay site was the perfect location to Live Riveted – if only for the weekend.

Not every Airstreamer perhaps is ready to go as far as Andrew – yet. 

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