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Why Airstream?

Pioneering a new way to travel across the world was just the beginning of our incredible journey together. From our very first adventure to the countless miles of exploration that have followed, our identity has been built on these ideals.

Design new


"Let's not make changes. Let's make only improvements"

Airstream design and construction has changed very little over the years. Why? Because journeys that span countries and continents; that shift from road to track, don’t lie. Airstream trailers are travel-tested and adventurer-approved.

What makes an Airstream? Process

Freedom new


"To place the great wide world at your doorstep"

Rolling hills, thick forests, alpine peaks and sun-kissed beaches: Make the most of your adventure in an Airstream and our Live Riveted philosophy. What does it mean to Live Riveted? Unbridled curiosity, unplanned adventures, and unbreakable friendships await.

Community Live Riveted

Iconic Design

The Airstream design has the ultimate wow-factor. The beautiful silver-looking bullet is an American icon instantly recognised across the world. Despite the evolution of different models over the years, and small modifications here and there, the classic Airstream design has changed very little for nine decades. Why mess with perfection?

The Magic Connector!

That’s the Airstream plant nickname for a key component: the solid rivet. On average each unit contains around 3,000 - in the walls, the trim and even some of the interior fixtures. Fitting every single one of the magic connectors by hand means the two-man rivet teams have perfected their art.

Hand Build For Quality

Airstream’s build method is not at efficient as other travel trailer manufacturers – but don’t panic. This is a wholly good thing. It means the ultimate care is taken over every single detail. Doing much of the build by hand and this thoroughly is the only way to guarantee a top quality job. Every Airstream is absolutely up to spec because of this method.

Shell First

The manufacturing journey begins with bending aluminium ribs to the shape of the travel trailer, followed by sheets fitted to those ribs. Eventually – and after many more steps – this aluminium superstructure is complete. Once fitted to a trailer chassis, work on the interior of the shell begins. All of the utilities (water, heating etc) are worked through, as well as all interior fixtures and fittings.

Conditions Wild!

Because it will spend a long life outdoors, each individual Airstream shell is rigorously tested before being fitted to the trailer chassis. It’s put into a conditions check-booth and subjected to wind and rain at forces equivalent to a hurricane, and a worker stays inside to check for leaks or other faults. In the rare instance that there are any, they are repaired quickly and thoroughly.

Years Of Reliability

Because so much care, attention and spec goes into every aspect of the build of an Airstream vehicle, they’re incredibly reliable. There are Airstreams well maintained and in circulation today which were built back in the 1930s. With Airstream there is no planned or built-in obsolescence. They’re intended to be a lifetime investment in happiness.

Freedom To Roam

With The Comfort Of Home

One of founder Wally Byam’s desires was that Airstream put the great wide world at the doorstep of those who yearned for travel but wanted all of the comforts of home. Whether you take your Airstream to rolling hills or sun-kissed beaches, to snowy peaks or into lush forest, or whether you’re out and on the road every day, your quality of life is improved not just by the travel but by the quality of your trailer. Airstream is the ultimate.

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