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What makes an Airstream?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Airstream? Is it images of exciting adventures to new places, or the welcoming faces of friendly Airstreamers?

It’s true that Airstream is an internationally-known symbol for adventure. But when you buy an Airstream, you don’t just get an instantly recognisable, timeless design. You get a world-class product, the result of years of innovations that will retain its value for generations.

Shell first


Each Airstream travel trailer is built using a lightweight aluminium superstructure. This hand-riveted design, inspired by aircraft construction, provides rigidity and strength. When the body of the trailer is subjected to stress, the semi-monocoque shell absorbs the energy. Lower trailer segments and windows are protected by stainless steel road guards. Simply put, they’re built to last.



The name says it all: Airstream’s patented aerodynamic, low-profile shape naturally delivers low wind resistance, creates less drag, and offers a safer and easier driving experience. Side winds from passing traffic are reduced as well, with sway almost unnoticeable even in heavy winds. The sleek shape means a tow vehicle’s fuel efficiency can be improved up to 20% over similarly-sized travel trailers. Slip through the wind as you cruise the countryside.


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