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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen Airstream in the movies. Do they really still make them?

Yes! They really do! Airstream celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2021, and the iconic aluminum bodied travel trailer has been made continuously throughout the company’s history. They’ve been featured in many movies and TV shows, but it’s actually the quality and unique design which makes them a true American icon.

Have the Airstream models available in the UK been specifically designed for the UK?

Yes, they have. We’ve worked with Airstream US to ensure that the models available in the UK contain familiar specifications and are fully compliant with all relevant and necessary UK industry standards. You can expect no reduction in the traditional Airstream quality, though.

Can I order a US model through the UK’s Airstream dealer?

No. Unfortunately US models do not comply with UK industry standards. Therefore we are not able to supply the US models of Airstream in the UK.

What tow vehicle will I need for the Airstream I’m interested in?

Lowdhams, your exclusive UK Airstream dealership, will be able to provide specific towing advice to ensure you have the appropriate tow vehicle.

How can I view an Airstream?

You can view models at Lowdhams.

Is it true Airstreams are built from the outside in?

Kind of! The shell of an Airstream is built first and then placed on the trailer, so everything you see in a finished Airstream has been added after that. The workers and engineers access the interior the same way as you – through the door!

Are the interior fittings and furniture of Airstreams just cheap kit-builds?

No. Airstream’s cabinetry and furniture is bespoke made from high-quality materials designed to fit the trailer’s distinctive shape. Third-party components are sourced for quality – such as the faucets (taps). Every Airstream can be thought of as a luxury model in some way. There are no cheap-and-easy components.

It’s the modern age – has the way Airstreams are made changed?

Barring minor tweaks to the process here and there, the answer is “not really’. Airstreams are still pretty much totally hand-made. Every single one of the (average) 30,000 rivets in an Airstream has been hand-bucked by a two-person rivet team, and many other craftspeople and engineers are involved throughout the whole process, too.

Why not change the way Airstreams are made and increase profits?

Part of the Airstream dream is ultimate quality. That’s what we aim for in everything we do. We want you, the Airstream owner, to have the best. We want you to enjoy the best. We want you to benefit from the hard work that goes into each travel trailer. That means doing most things the old fashioned way, which is not as economic as the way most other travel trailers are made!

I actually already own an Airstream – a vintage one. I’d like to learn more about it. How do I do that?

There is a Document Archive at Airstream’s American website where you can access historic product information, ads, articles, and much more. You can search for your specific Airstream or browse and discover all sorts of interesting stuff.

Are there any great random facts I can impress my friends with?

There really are. Our culture is full of Airstreams! JFK used one as a mobile office, President Obama is a fan. Celebrities including the actors Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington and Sean Penn are Airstream lovers. Tom Hanks had one modified so he could take it to all of his filming sets and locations rather than stay in a succession of different trailers or hotels. Matthew McConaughey actually lived in one for several years before buying a house. Playboy owner Hugh Heffner gifted an Airstream to model Pamela Anderson. There is even an Airstream in the Museum Of Modern Art!

Isn’t the Airstream something to do with the space program?

When the astronauts who landed on the moon in 1969 returned to Earth they were quarantined in an Airstream for around 90 hours. There’s a famous photo of President Nixon talking to them through a window! NASA still used a modified Airstream to transport astronauts from Mission Control to the Space Shuttle launchpad (an entirely different sort of beautiful vehicle) until the space program was discontinued in 2011!

Airstreams are not cheap – will the value depreciate quickly?

The big thing here is that Airstreams really are built to last. So the general rule of thumb is that Airstreams retain approximately 80% of their cost price, even over extended time. There are Airstreams from the middle of the 20th-century, for example, still on the road or for sale at decent prices today. When you buy one it’s a good investment as well as a high-enjoyment lifestyle addition. The idea is that it’s for life!

There is some wood involved so won’t an Airstream ‘rot’ just like other leisure vehicles?

Most other trailer brands use plywood as walls and floors – and it’s susceptible to rot. There is some plywood used in the body construction of an Airstream – but only the sub-floor (needed as an anchor point for appliances and flooring). The sub-floor is completely contained within the Airstream’s double frame so won’t easily rot.

Why don’t other manufacturers build trailer bodies with aluminum, the same as Airstream?

Simple, really. It’s expensive – and most brands prefer to compete on things like features and price. Airstream prefers to compete on quality and longevity. Airstream spends a little extra time and money on all aspects, to make sure the finished travel trailer is as visually stunning as it is highly functional.

I have more questions that aren’t covered here. Can Lowdhams help?

We certainly can. As the UK’s exclusive stockist of the iconic Airstream, we’re proud to say we know our stuff. If you contact us we will be able to help.

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